Women in Blue

Blue is the color of the sky. Do you want to fly, and feel free in this world ?

A lot of women each world are stuck with people who treat them really bad. They are hurt. They are abused. But we can help them. 

Women in Blue was created in 2015 by Kristen Torres to help women who need to be free,  but have to be helped.

We don't made any actions yet, but 2016 is the year of hope. 


3902 Milwaukee St, Madison, Wisconsin, 53714, ETATS-UNIS

Kristen Torres


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Le mercredi 06 janvier 2016 22:52

January 2016

We talk today with a woman who have been beaten 2 yers ago. It was a long journey to feel normal like "I don't deserve it". 

Because beaten women feel guilty. They think it is their fault, but it's not. So sad to heard things like that everyday... 

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