The Little Boy

The aim of the association is to help the little boys (and girls of course) to be sure to have a good education when they will grow. 

More that a half of the american population have to have a lot of debts just after the day the mother gave birth because they need to be sure that the baby will have everything he needs. People don't even have enough money to live, but have to invest in the fact that children have to go to school and school is expensive. A lot of money can be donated to those people who need just a little help from us! Every children could access to a good education, even if it is expensive. 

American is a place where education needs a lot of investment from the families, and something it is the investment of a life. People known that they have to save money for the futur of their newborn, before they thought about having a child. 

Stand with us, stand with our little children. 


3323 N. Mildand Dr. #113, Midland, TX, 79707, ETATS-UNIS

Max Bishop


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