Horses Michigan

We provide all good medications and love to horses living in Michigan. We make our trip, twice a year through the Michigan to give our help to domestic and sauvage horses: medical consultation, cleaning, helping with boxes. We also can bring food sometimes. 

Don't forget to send us a message if you live in Michigan and you saw a horse without any master. It could be a lost horse and could need our help. Wherever he is, we will send him a person from the association to make sure about his health and help him to find a home or get back to his home.

You can also send us a message if you are a vet, or passionate about horses. We could need you if we heard about an unhealthy animal (if you're a vet) or we could need you if a horse need our assistance near to your home. 


20501 Livernois Ave, Detroit, MI, 48221, ETATS-UNIS

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The passion for horses in Michigan


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