Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Object

The Terms and Conditions are intended to determine the Conditions of Use of the website www.humangive.com. Those one are available for any User or Visitor of the website.

Any Visitor or User declares by accessing to the website, having read these Terms and Conditions and accept them accordingly.

By browsing and using the website, you accept the most recent version of the Terms and Conditions and the policy privacy.

To brwosing on the website; you need an internet connection which doest not interfer with the website. If your system interfer with the website, you must immediatly stop your activity.

HumanGive disclaims any responsibility for actions and situations which are not cited in these Terms and Conditions.

Article 2 - Definitions

- Humangive LLC and Humangive SAS refers to the HumanGive company, hereinafter referred as « HumanGive ».

- www.humangive.com refers to the website accessible at https://www.humangive.com, owned and operated by HumanGive.

- HumanGive offers services on its website www.humangive.com. These services are directly available to organizations and Users. Can be linked to these services, informations, data, text, software; medias (musics, videos, logos, pictures, images) and messages. These can give rise to communications from us, including promotional.

- « Account » refers to the space that the User of the website manage thanks to an email address an a password. It provides different actions to Organizations and Users including the access to services offered by HumanGive.

- « Organization » refers to all legal persons, associations, foundations and organizations having an account on the website.

- « User » refers to anyone who is not an organization and has an account on the website.

- « Visitor » refers to any individual or entity that don't have an account on the website and navigates only on the website for or another reason whatsoever.

- « MANGOPAY » qns « Integrated Payment Service » refers to the secure payment system used by HumanGive.

- « Electronic wallet » refers to the storage space of your funds by MANGOPAY, until you cash them in your bank account.

- « Electronic monet » refers to the funds in the Electronic Purse.

Article 3 – Using of the website www.humangive.com

HumanGive offers services to conect Organisations and Users. The website allows to:

- Raise funds for an organization. Users can help their organizations by making donations directly through their personal page, via their fundraising page, via a participation in a paid event, via the piggy bank.

- Increase its visibility by exposing their personal profile on a number of data visible to other Users.

- Communicate with other Users of the website through Instant Messaging or Emailing.

- Use Petition services and event planning to gather a large number of people around the cause of an Organization.

When the Organization wants cash the money in the wallet, to his bank account, a commission will be levied during the transfer. When the User makes a donation, HumanGive proposes to leave a tip for them. This tip is not mandatory and can be disabled.

Article 4 - Use

Users should never disclose its personal login information. HumanGive will not be responsible in any case if the User discloses its own login information.


All services are only accessible with a User Account, that is to say, a Register.
During your registration, you agree to provide :
- True and complete information.
- If you register as an organization, have the right to represent and use the information of this Organization.

You have the option to change your password but not your email address.
Those information are available in the « Account » section, in the dashboards of the Users and the Organizations.


When you publish something on HumanGive you have to comunicate legal information, consistent with good manners and not write anything injurious.In addition, you must ensure you do not violate any intellectual property in your content.

Do not under any circumstances be prejudicial to the image of another, a third organization or HumanGive. In this case, you will be held responsible for the damage caused and a compensation would be claimed by HumanGive. In case of defamatory content, you agree that HumanGive can remove this content. HumanGive reserves the right to withdraw non-compliant content with the Terms and Conditions and delete the account that published them.


Your Account is personal, you are the only owner. Be careful not to communicate those information with an other person.

In case of forgetting password, you have the possibility to generate a new one by clicking on « Forgetting password? » available on the log in page.

If you do not cross the « anonymous » box for each action you do, you agree that your First name and your Last name will be publicly associated with your action. Similarly, you undertake for each service that the organization can have access to your information when you use a Service.

Anyone registered on HumanGive, having performed a Register, can delete the account at any time.

Article 5 - Commission

During it subriscription, the association accepts the commission that HumanGive changes during the cashing of the founds. When the associtions receives money on it Virtual Wallet, she can cashing the founds as soon as the amount of 15 dollars is reached. During the cashing, a commission of 8,5% is charged by HumanGive.
HumanGive can modify it commission at any time.

Article 6 – Integrated Payment Service

Any User or Organization must accept the use of the Payment Service and the Commission, at the moment he registers on the website.

Each User or Organization has a online Electronic Purse containing Electronic Money.

The amounts donated by the User to Organizations will be kept in an Electronic Wallet functioning as an Account. The funds can be transferred at any time to the bank account of the Organization, from the moment that the total amount is equal to or higher than 15 euros.

HumanGive uses a third part service provider for payment processing and the storage information of the credit or debit card. To use the Integrated Payment Service Payment, Users and Organization declare accepting the Terms and Conditions of this service provider. HumanGive is not responsible for any acts or omissions of MANGOPAY. The User and the Organization are solely responsible for the transmission of information related to their credit or debit card. HumanGive could assumes no responsibility.

The cost of the Integrated Payment Service is integrated into the Commission due by the Organization during the Cashing.


Terms and Conditions of the MANGOPAY Electronic money are concluded between the customer who uses the Electronic Money and Leetchi Corp. SA, limited company under Luxembourg law, with capital of 500,000 euros, whith registered office is 26-28 rives de Clausen L-2165 Luxembourg and registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B173459.

If you refuse any afiliation with the Integrated Payment Service at your disposal, you can't use services requiring payment.

Terms and Conditions of the Electronic money are a contract between the User and the Issuer. For that, they are incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of HumanGive.

The User must provide an identifier (an email address) and a password.
The User is fully responsible for the privacy of this password. In any case, it must be disclosed. In the same way, the User is not authorized to disclose the username or password of an other person.
If the User is spectator or suspected fraudulent act related to his User Account, he must immediately notify HumanGive at the following address : contact@humangive.com. The User also undertakes to fulfill his date of birth, place of residence and nationality.

The User has to affirm that all information provided during registration are true, updates and aren't the result of identity theft or other fraud. MANGOPAY keeps the right, through HumanGive, to request additional information related to the identity of the User, and any supporting documents.

If the User does not send information which allow it to control his identity, limits will be imposed to the User.
At the reception of those documents, and if they are satisfactory to MANGOPAY, the limits of the User (natural person) will be unlocked:
- a copy of a valid official identity document: for French citizens, French identity card (double-sided),  for foreigners residing in France or abroad, passport,
- if the Beneficiary is not the beneficial owner of the funds,the identity of the beneficial owner with a copy of his French identity card or passport if the beneficial owner is a foreigner, and eventually,
- proof of address that may be asked at the discretion of the Issuer.

At the reception of those documents, and if they are satisfactory to MANGO PAY, the limits of the User (legal person)will be unlocked:
- Statutes
- a recent extract from the trade register,
- the address of the registered office and the law governing the establishment and functioning of society,
- proof of identity of the officer or of the person empowered to bind the company as part of operations carried out.
- a bank account number in the name of the company,
- a statement of all beneficial owners holding more than 10% stake, signed by such officer or officers and obtaining documentary evidence of identity of individuals beneficial owners may be requested at the discretion of the Issuer.

By the reception of those documents, and if they are satisfactory to MANGO PAY, the limits of the User (Association) will be unlocked
- Proof of identity of the President of the association
- Proof of registration from the official authority

It is expected during your registration that HumanGive keeps the possibility to ask the required document when you open an Account.

To consult the complete Terms and Conditions of MANGOPAY, click here.


Any beneficiary of an inactive account of Electronic money for a period of 12 months, will be notified by email, followed by a revival one month later.

In the absence of any response of use of the Electronic money for a period of 1 month, the account will be closed and HumanGive keeps the right to donate the money of the wallet, to the piggy bank correponding to the account's cityzenship.

The Organization should consider the date of registration as the reference date.

Article 7 – Intellectual property

HumanGive remains sole owner of the information, graphics, text, multimedia (images, video, photos, sounds, music), software, comments, advice and opinion present on www.humangive.com. Organizations are also owner of their own.
Emails sent by HumanGive are the exclusive property of HumanGive. Any unauthorized use, or misuse will be sanctioned by HumanGive.

HumanGive contains confidential information protected by the Code of Intellectual Property. No transfer or sale of information by a User, a Visitor or an Organization could be tolerated.

HumanGive is allowed to access to stored or posted content by Users and Organizations. HumanGive can reproduce or use this content for its own promotion and distribution, by any means of communication. Thus, you must ensure the conformity of information you provide.

Article 8 – Responsability

The website and the Services are available as they are. The use you make is up to you but you will be responsible for any damage caused. HumanGive can not be held responsible for any damage caused.

HumanGive can not guarantee the identity of the persons using those Services and so, is not responsible in case of identity theft during the use of the Services.

HumanGive can not be held responsible for the use made by the Organizations of the funds they receive through the services.
The choice of the Organization by the User is made at his own initiative and at his own risks. Any fraudulent use of the funds which HumanGive may be aware, would be heavily penalized.

Article 9 – Modifications

HumanGive reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the availability of the Website www.humangive.com.

HumanGive also reserves the right to change a part or whole of these Terms and Conditions. Users and Organizations are invited to regularly review these Terms and Conditions in order to keep abreast of any changes. By using the webite, you accept the changes of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 10 – Other dispositions


In case of invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions, it will not affect the validity of the other clauses.


In case of problems or for any question, you can contact our team at contact@humangive.com.


The law applicable in case of disputes is the law of Delaware.
You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.
If any provision of these Terms of Use is found ineligible for any reason, this condition may be reviewed, and in no way affect the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


In case of complaint, court action or any complaint made against HumanGive, its representatives, its team, its partners, or any provision related to the website, you agree to assist HumanGive in the preparation its defense by providing documents and information used for this purpose.

Article titles are indicative.

Legal information

Humangive LLC
registered at the Department of the Treasury, IRS under the EIN number 35-2541732
DE 19806

Humangive SAS
registered at the R.C.S of Paris under the number 815 339 098
23 rue du Départ
75014 PARIS